How Does it Work?

Students Don't Pay - Ever

Instructors can buy credits on their own, or institutions can buy credits. A credit is used for each student, when they complete an orientation during a semester. Since a student only completes an orientation once and the results are shared between classes, one student only ever uses one credit.

Students who aren't part of a class or a school have full access to the Online Student Orientation and resources, at no charge.

What Does it Cost?

Instructors pay $.10 for each student that takes an orientation and is connected to their class roster (unless that student has already been counted by another instructor (we don't double-dip).

Institutions pay $.10 for each credit with 100 bonus credits for each 1000. Any instructors associated with this school will then draw from the school's credits. Again, each student is only counted once per semester where they complete an orientation, regardless of how many classes they are a part of. No double-dipping.

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